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NATA Campus

Victory Day 2019

“Farmer-Entrepreneur: Emerging Driver for Commercial Agriculture” শীর্ষক সেমিনার

“Farmer-Entrepreneur: Emerging Driver for Commercial Agriculture” শীর্ষক সেমিনার

NATA Campus


Swimming pool

Dr. Md. Abu Sayeed Miah

Director General (In-Charge)


Director General

Back Ground/History of NATA

National Agriculture Training Academy (NATA) is the apex training institute for human resource development of officers under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) for providing training on diversified fields of professional interest in agriculture sector. The academy was established in Gazipur as Central Extension Resources Development Institute (CERDI) on 14 March 1975 as a joint venture of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and that of Japan with the financial assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). CERDI was established on 20.0 ha of land with a view to co-ordinate the extension activities, conduct training programmes and develop extension resources and minimize the gap between research and extension. Out of 20.0 ha of land there is a farm of about 11.0 ha, office area of 5.0 ha and residential area of 4.0 ha.

CERDI was an outcome of longtime work experience of Bangladesh and Japanese Experts in this country. Bangladeshi and Japanese Experts started collaboration work in the field of Agriculture since 1960, initially with the program of Agricultural Department in the name of “Pak-Japan Agricultural Extension Training Institute”. The program proved as success and covered different agricultural subjects like Extension, Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Irrigation and Farm Machinery. It offered different training of six months course to the Thana Agirultural Officers of the Department of Agricultural Extension until 1965. Later on the Institute was named as “Farm Mechanization Training Institute” under an agreement between the Government of the erstwhile East Pakistan and Japan. Union Agricultural Assistants and progressive young farmers were also trained at this Institute in a three-month course. The value of these activities was realizes and it was conceived to institutionalized the program for creating Bangladesh capabilities for running the same on continuous basis in upgrading form. As a result “Central Extension Resources Development Institute” (CERDI) physically came into operation in 1975. CEERDI was operated as joint project of the Government of Bangladesh and that of Japan upto October, 1983. Since then the Institute has been running without any foreign assistance and the same has been recognized and the business have been reallocated under the special Gazette Notification of June 27, 1984. Then CERDI was considering its changed rule according to NAEP and strategic plan decided to work on imparting training to Extension personnel of DAE, Private and public sectors. On 03 April 2013, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh abolished CERDI and established National Agriculture Training Academy (NATA) as an independent organization of MoA and on 07 June 2014, NATA has been started as a training academy


The Academy is situated at Gazipur City Corporation 25 km away from Dhaka city and 3 km away from Joydevpur Chandana Chowrasta towards Gazipur district head quarter. It is located adjacent to Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI). The academy provides the trainees an ample scope to have free access to the adjacent institutions like Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Sugarcrop Research Institute (BSRI), Seed Certification Agency (SCA), Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Telecommunication Staff College, and other government offices in Gazipur.


National Agriculture Training Academy will become a center of excellence for developing competent human resources in agriculture sector.


Developing a common platform of all organizations under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) for human resource development by

  • Imparting quality training, research, development and publications
  • Enhancing linkage between education, research and extension to endow agriculture service delivery system
  • building strong network with reputed institutions of home and abroad for organizational capacity building and promote a culture of continuous learning to foster a knowledge-based governance in agriculture service