National Agriculture Training Academy

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Importance of Training

Training brings desirable change in behavior and attitude and improves knowledge and develops skill. Skills and efficiency are two preconditions for development. Proper training can help to increase skills and efficiency of the officer. Modern technology increases the competitive ability of the organization and provides high quality services. Trained officers can properly utilize such technology. Adequate training of personnel in an organization can make the organization free from complexity and streamline simplicity. To ensure overall development of all sectors of an economy, training can play a significant role. In the era of globalization, the need of modern management tools and techniques cannot be exaggerated. In response to the current needs in the ever-changing world, government officers should serve the people with competency, sincerity and transparency. NATA attaches highest importance on moral teaching, as well as technical and technological capacity building which is the main goal and strategy of training. Participants become more motivated, responsive, efficient and competent after they go through these training. Training curricula is updated regularly to cope up with the changes in government policies and practices and as per need and demand of the stakeholders.